Reuse & Extension of an old Paper Factory - Public Odeum and Concert Hall of 600 seats


University of Patras-School of Engineering

Department of Architecture

Academic year :  2002- 2003 ,7th Semester

Architectural studio No# 7

Supervisor : Yiannis Patronis

Team Members: Douni Christina, Kaskampa Kyratso, Maro Makri



The project involves the reuse of one of the old buildings of the former Ladopoulos’ Paper Factory as a Public Odeum and the insertion of a new Concert Hall of 600 seats.

The existing building is a one-storey space, of maximum height of 5.5m. It is a reinforced concrete structure which possesses the characteristic sawtooth roof which provides adequate interior lighting.

The dominant industrial character of the site inuenced the design concept which was intended to form a machine -building where circulation -since it is a public building— is visible and runs through the whole new complex.

The available space for the arrangement of the additional building is made through the demolition of the buildings that have a party wall with the sawtooth-roofed building.

The basic intention was the retention of the elevation – section of the sawtooth-roofed building which was created after the demolition of the rest of the buildings and the accentuation of its reinforced concrete frame by leaving it visible.

All the odeum classes are organised in this building as separate boxes following a different axis than the strict orthogonal modulus of its frame.

The new axis is extended and repeated in the design of the additional building which accommodates the Concert Hall.